Dave’s Wurld is a limited series graphic novel written and illustrated by author Aaron Lenk. The story follows a small simple being named Dave who lives in an empty wurld. Dave is Vain and selfish and not too bright, but he has good intentions, for the most part. Dave’s Wurld is about growing up, and the harsh realities that come with it. It’s about fruitless pursuits, love and death as well as the all important question: WHY? aboutdaveDave

This, is Dave. Dave has existed in a world of nothing for as long as he has existed. Dave is vain, and materialistic, which is a big problem in a world of nothing. we believe in Dave.


This, is Anti-Dave. Anti-Dave was born from the small-print in Daves world. Anti-Dave’s only purpose in his existence is to get in Dave’s way; he’s pretty bummed about it. We aren’t sure about Anti-Dave, but he’s here to stay.

abouttheobjectThe Object

The object… oh the object… we were so close weren’t we Dave? made from the pure materialistic yearning Dave had. round and shiny.

aboutdavespeopleDave's People

Dave’s people. the inhabitants of Dave’s wurld. their ways are different to what we are used to. were given all of Dave’s gifts.

aboutdaveswurldDave's Wurld

Dave’s wurld. it seems to go on forever, but in reality Dave’s wurld is quite small. But don’t tell Dave this. Dave’s wurld is actually quite fragile, Dave is unaware. we have no idea what lies outside of Dave’s wurld.

aboutantiwurld Anti-Wurld

The anti-wurld. where anti-Dave lives. we have no idea if the anti-wurld actually exists at all… we were there once… but we aren’t sure if that wasn’t a dream.

About the author

Aaron Lenk lives in Toronto. he’s been a cashier, a night-crew semi-manager at a Sobeys, a sales associate at HMV and a fish-monger. Now he sets his sights a little bit higher as a graphic novel writer.

Aaron’s experience as a comic book creator mostly includes a lot of childish stuff (done as a child), a 10-page one-shot about little big planet, and the entirety of Dave’s Wurld. Aaron’s education include courses on animation, story-boarding, anatomy and writing. He owns no degree or certificate or diploma. He has been taught by Ty Templeton, and has met Larry Marder.

If for any reason you need to contact Aaron, you can e-mail him at aaron-lenk@rogers.com

About the website

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